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New non-statutory guidance for the EYFS: comment from Early Education

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Thursday, 3 September, 2020

The publication today of the new non-statutory EYFS guidance for the revised EYFS comes after a period of frustration from the sector that there was no open public consultation on the content and style of the revised publication that could have ensured that it truly met the needs of practitioners. 

The decision to retain the title "Development Matters" no doubt reflects DfE’s recognition that of the popularity of the current non-statutory guidance document with the sector.  This document retains the title, but none of the current content.  Therefore the sector will need time to digest and familiarise itself with the document in time for September 2021, and make a judgement as to whether it will chose to use this guidance or not.  Concerns are likely to focus most strongly on the guidance relating to the Reception year, although there are also issues such as the breadth of the age bands.  This was also perhaps a missed opportunity to increase the focus on diversity and inclusion.

Early Education will publish a fuller response on the new guidance in due course.