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E.g., 02/12/2021
E.g., 02/12/2021

Petition to scrap Reception Baseline presented to parliament


More Than a Score campaign highlights the time wasted by the tests

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Guest blog: Eight reasons why the "reformed" EYFS Statutory Framework is unfit for purpose and two reasons to review the EYFS, by Helen Moylett and Nancy Stewart


Reactions to the EYFS reforms

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Advice on early adoption of the revised Early Years Foundation Stage


Guidance for headteachers and leaders

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DfE decision to press on with Reception baseline is fundamentally flawed: here's why


A summary of key evidence against baseline

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Nursery school funding confirmed for 2020-21


Supplementary funding to be continued for another year

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Why government request for early years experts to develop Reception Baseline is too little too late


Our letter to the editor of TES

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