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Friday 30th June 2017

4/4.30pm in our meeting room

Whitechapel, E1 2JA

You can book this session on the events page.

This session is focussing on: Ending well: reflecting on your journey this academic year.

Reflective questions might be around

  • What were the positives and not-so-positives?
  • What have you learnt, what are you questioning and still learning?
  • Where has this year taken you?
  • How have you grown professionally and pedagogically?
  • What are your new challenges?
  • How will you finish well at the end of this term?
  • How can you plan to rest and invest in your wellbeing?

Where and what time?

4.30pm to 5.30pm (4pm for tea, coffee, fruit and/or cake)

We meet in our meeting room at our Whitechapel offices in London. Hosted and facilitated by Cathy Gunning (Pedagogic Lead at Early Education).

It is a great way to end your week, share, offload and start your weekend positively - supporting your wellbeing.