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Positive Relationships: The Adult’s Role and Effective Communication

Course outline:


  • The theme of positive relationships threads through every area of learning and development. This workshop will suggest many practical strategies for this all encompassing, personal and least tangible part of the EYFS which is fundamental to children’s self-esteem and well being


By the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Explore contrasting styles of interaction and their effects on children
  • Present strategies for interaction – the key elements of support
  • Reflect on your own styles and consider them in light of EYFS principles
  • Understand the rationale for conversing with children rather than questioning them
  •  Identify types of play young children engage in
  •  Identify and use the interaction strategies that encourage active learning
  • Create an individual implementation plan to enrich your interaction with children

Audience: EY Practitioners working with children birth – 60+ months, PVI settings/schools, Childminders, Independent and maintained schools

Trainer: Monica Wiltshire

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Behaviour and relationships
Positive Relationships