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Early Education briefing on primary assessment consultation response

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Thursday, 28 September, 2017

Government has announced in its response to the Primary Assessment consultation that it intends to retain the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, a move we warmly welcome.  It has also indicated that it will look at amending the Early Learning Goals, and the Good Level of Development.  It is vital that government consults closely with the sector and engages with early years experts to ensure any changes are fit for purpose.  We set out our concerns in the briefing below.

We very much regret that government intends to press ahead with another attempt at baseline assessment in Reception, despite two previous failed attempts.  It does not appear to have learned the lessons from these failures, or addressed the concerns about the impact on children, the workload for teachers, and the lack of evidence that assessment at 4 can provide robust and reliable baseline for an accountability measure at the end of KS2.

Read our briefing document