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Teaching newsletters

Early years teaching newsletters

These are written monthly for all our members, nursery school teaching schools and their partners/members.

They provide lots of links to articles, podcasts and media to enhance and challenge your CPD. They are selected to challenge or stimulate your pedagogical thinking, to inspire and to help you reflect on your current practice. 

All practitioners, teachers and leaders in early years are forever growing and learning - we commit ourselves to reflective practice, learning alongside eachother and the children we work with. We seek to be the best we can be for their teaching and learning. We find ways to always enhance and reflect on the delivery of the EYFS to help every child learn fully and thrive. 

In your busy working lives, there is not always time to find the information you would like. We source the material so that you don't have to. 

Come and join us! Read our newsletters every month and join our pedagogical community of professionals. 


Membership is for less than £5 per month! See our membership page.