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Understanding the Characteristics of Learning and Development: Creating and thinking critically

The Characteristics of Learning have many links with each other and should be viewed holistically or woven together.  However sometimes it helps to understand the complexity of children’s thinking and learning by separating the characteristics out and looking more closely at what they mean and look like in practice – as long as we put them back together afterwards! With this in mind we will take a close look at the Characteristic of Creating and Thinking Critically including:

  • Unpicking what it means to create and think critically 
  • Thinking about how we can observe this happening when we watch babies, toddlers and young children.  Looking at some case studies and stories of children’s creative thinking.
  • Documenting   children’s creative and critical thinking and how we can show children’s progress and plan for their next steps.
  • Making the links between the prime and specific areas of learning
  • Thinking together about what WE can do to support children’s creative and critical thinking.

Plenty to think about together; this day will be a mixture of theory, practice, case studies, shared thinking and discussion.

This course is aimed at all practitioners, teachers and leaders/managers who want to know more about the Characteristics of Learning and Development and children’s creative and critical thinking.

Trainer: Di Chilvers

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The Characteristics of children’s thinking