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Understanding, Supporting & Assessing the Prime Area of Physical Development

Physical Development is now a prime area of learning, central to a child’s ultimate educational success. It is critical that we look more closely at our provision and the opportunities we provide not only to support growing physical competence, but also cognitive, emotional and social skills, and a healthy lifestyle. Understanding the new aspects of this area and knowing how to best support and assess children’s progress is key.

This course will:

  • Clarify the significance of Physical Development as a prime area  of learning
  • Explore ways of creating stimulating,  challenging environments that support  children’s growing physical skills  and competencies
  • Emphasise the importance of outdoor  play and risk taking as essential  activities to help children grow  physically and emotionally strong,  and understand their world
  • Discuss the importance of empowering  children to become independent  in thinking about their own health and care needs

Trainer: Paddy Beels

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