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Branch events

Our local branches hold regular events, most of which are open to both members and non-members.  Some take place in settings to give you an opportunity to look around and swap ideas.  They are fantastic value for money - especially if you or your setting are members.  See the page for your local branch, or browse the full list of upcoming events below.

02 Feb 2019

Interaction with birth to fives

Location: Chichester

Trainer: Sally Thomas

05 Feb 2019

Revisiting the visions and values of outdoor play

Location: Carlisle

Trainer: Anne Renwick & Helen Mitchell

07 Feb 2019

Time to talk

Location: Sheffield

Trainer: Zoe Singh

11 Feb 2019

Froebelian principles and practices: why are they still relevant today?

Location: York

Trainer: Dr Stella Louis

12 Feb 2019

Supporting parents of children with SEN

Location: Strathfoyle

Trainer: Fiona O'Donnell

19 Feb 2019

How are you dad? The importance of a father's mental health in the Early Years

Location: Aberdeen

Trainer: Chris Miezitis

27 Feb 2019

'EASE' - Early Years and Special Educational

Location: Plymouth

Trainer: Anne Heavey

Trainer: Dr Jan Georgeson

Trainer: and Dr Rowena Passy

07 Mar 2019

Movement environment rating - MOVERS scales

Location: Oxford

Trainer: Carol Archer

09 Mar 2019

Cumbria Annual Conference

Location: Penrith

Trainer: Anna Ephgrave and Pete Moorhouse

14 Mar 2019

Parent partnerships

Location: Hertfordshire

Trainer: Dr Stella Louis

15 Apr 2019

Not just smaller, but different

Location: Aberdeen

Trainer: Dr Sam Wass

05 May 2019


Location: Hertfordshire

Trainer: Anne O'Connor

15 May 2019

Understanding the world

Location: Oxford

Trainer: Kathryn Solly