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Outdoors and Active

Downloadable resources stemming from a recent action research project led by the London Borough of Newham

Outdoors and Active – an action research project led by the London Borough of Newham – has taken practitioners from nurseries, schools, PVI settings and children’s centres on an eight-month long exploration of movement in 2- and 3-year-olds, which generated intriguing discoveries and practical, realistic changes to routines, resources and risk taking.

Motivated by the shocking and seemingly inexorable increase in obesity in children, and a corresponding decrease in physical activity, Newham Early Years team decided to tackle the problem head-on with a demonstration project involving 20 practitioners in exploring what high-quality physicality is, how we can plan for it, what kind of outdoor places and resources support it, and how we can encourage parents and carers to be more active and more playful with their children.

Partnering with Early Education, and using Jan White’s book Every Child A Mover as a source text, a thought-provoking and pragmatic programme emerged, consisting of practical workshops, visits to one another’s settings and to local parks and a 20-week, peer supported action research assignment.

Now complete, Newham aims to share the programme outcomes, providing simple, cost-effective ways of maximising opportunities to get children outdoors and physically active every day.

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If you would like to purchase your own copy of the Outdoors and Active materials, you can buy them now on our website.

If you would like to purchase Outdoors and Active with linked book Every Child a Mover, you can buy them together as part of a discounted combo-pack: see our dedicated page for further details.

Outdoors and Active was the joint winner in the Health and Wellbeing Award category at the Nursery World Awards 2017.