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Oxfordshire branch event - The EYFS reforms have made big changes to the content of Mathematical Development – How do we nurture young mathematical minds in a time of “automatic recall”?


The EYFS reforms have made big changes to the content of Mathematical Development - What is the principled approach to these changes? Come and join Elaine Bennett to explore how we can hold onto the unique child and keep their holistic development at the heart of all things mathematical. Elaine Bennett will guide us through these very challenging issues and help us learn more about the importance of a play based developmentally appropriate, principled approach to teaching young children mathematics. She will look at how the EYFS reforms whilst providing many challenges- also offer a chance to take breath, reflect and build on our practice.

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Thursday, 11 November, 2021
Networking 6.15 – 6.30pm; Talk begins 6.30 and finishes at 8.00pm
Elaine Bennett
Cost:- £10 Members, £12 for full-time students; £15 non-members
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Elaine currently teaching in Southend, Essex. Aside from life in the classroom (and more often than not in the garden)- she founded the grassroots movement “Keeping Early Years Unique”. Elaine describes herself as an accidental activist who has found herself speaking out due to the direction early education is taking in England. She has a fascination with all things early maths and has written many articles and books including Storybook Maths, Everyday Maths Through Everyday Provision and The Building Blocks Of Maths

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