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Pedagogic pages

Welcome to our pedagogic pages

Here you will find lots of information, links and resources to support your practice and feed your knowledge. If you are a member, you have access to them all. Some are accessible to non-members too.  They incorporate material from our monthly Early Years Teaching Newsletters which are another benefit of membership.

We know how busy and consuming work and studying in early years can be, so let us do the research for you. On these pages you will find lots of information about many themes, questions and issues relating to young children and early years. They include links to other resources, blogs and websites to help you deepen your knowledge, increase your understanding and discuss with colleagues. Often rather than imposing an opinion, we write to encourage you to reflect and find the answers with the tools and links that we provide. Sometimes we give a viewpoint, or offer guidance and advice to help support your growing pedagogy. 

We know that as a teacher and practitioner, leader and manager, student and parent, childminder and consultant, you pioneer and lead excellent early years practice across the UK. These pages are to help you in your role. We are keen for our members to contact us with new material, research, content or areas you would like researched. 

Many of the pages are written by Cathy Gunning, our Pedagogic Lead. Others are written by headteachers and Associates.

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