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Pedagogical links for reflection

10 links for rest, reflection and rejuvenation 

This content was originally shared and blogged during the Summer 2017 school holidays. 

I have gathered together 10 light reads, listens or links which are in some way pedagogically or leadership related for some mind and soul food during your rest or holiday time. I hope they might help you to reflect, relax, rest and rejuvenate.

  1. This Radio 4 programme about lateral thinking and Edward de Bono is a fun listen 
  2. A short article about Bear Grylls' Secret Life gives us an insight the personal life of this adventurer 
  3. Studio life from the Royal Academy gives us a glimpse into the studio spaces of artists 
  4. Carving out time for art is a blog about how an artist mother did just this in her life and launched Carve out time for art
  5. Desert island disks interviews with Atul GawandeSue PerkinsJo MaloneDavina McCall to name but a few...
  6. Woman's hour featuring Nicola Benedetti telling her story and playing part of Shostakovich's Violin Concerto Number 1
  7. Why do I feel so energised by coaching?Growing, learning and flourishing as a school leader and The power of coaching video all from Hannah Wilson
  8. Arts-Based Activities Boost Emotion Regulation, Study Finds in Psychology today
  9. Find out more about ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) see Lisa Cherry's blog; we are developing our ACEs members' pedagogic page with lots more info and links too
  10. 500 words: hear the short stories that children wrote for this story writing competition

Cathy Gunning loves working to enhance and support children's wellbeing and early play in quality enriching learning environments. She works part time for Early Education as well as being a part time nursery teacher and stay-at-home mum. She has previously been a primary teacher, early years coordinator and day nursery manager. Her pedagogy was nurtured and inspired during her time as an early years advisory teacher and whilst studying for a masters degree in early years. Most recently she was a nursery school headteacher where she developed and led an integrated centre for over 10 years. As a reflective practitioner and leader she enjoys continually learning about effective pedagogy in early education and refining her own. 

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