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Reflecting on our practice and pedagogy 27.1.17

In this session we used coaching techniques and questions to think about our roles and practice in early years. We used postcard images to help us reflect on early childhood and our pedagogy in thinking about teaching. 

We reflected on the coaching question

If I were more confident I would...

Talking about transitions 19.5.17

This session was an opportunity to share practice, exchange ideas and learn how to support transitions in the summer term.

During this twilight, we reflected on how important it is to keep the child central - and that everything flows from the needs of the child. We reflected that information sharing, transfer and transition meetings between schools, settings and parents are about putting the child's needs first. Sharing information is to make the transition best for all who need to know and respecting confidentiality and permissions.

We discussed how consulting with children about their needs and thoughts was imperative. We talked about having a culture of openness, honesty and trust in information sharing and in meetings with parents and carers. We grappled with how to discuss - how much and who with. We thought about how we plan effectively with the children's needs in mind, given that during the August break many children will need support in thinking about the transition, and we shared ways that we can help to support that 'bridge' between settings and change.

We also thought about how change and transition might affect many children's attachment and wellbeing needs, and that we must be mindful about respecting their past and present experiences, attachment needs and any early trauma experienced that will impact change.