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Community of practice principles

  • we show respect for all
  • we all listen and have a right to be listened to 
  • we all have a right to an opinion
  • we can be kind even if we have different pedagogical opinions
  • the detail and content of our discussions are confidential and stay in the room
  • we start and finish on time

Format of the sessions

Our sessions are not specifically led or taught. Instead they are hosted, in order to faciliate conversation, discussion, sharing and reflection.

You would come to journey, share and take part in the community of practice, not to receive specific or structured input or teaching.

However, there are journal articles, research papers and content that are prepared and shared to support pedagogy, stimulate discussion, provoke enquiry and support reflection. The sessions are formulated around the community and what each person brings.

The agenda for the hour session is set through conversation and agreement from the community at the start of the session.