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Self-Regulation to support Effective Early Thinking and Learning

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Thursday, 24 September, 2015
Early Education, 136 Cavell Street, London E1 2JA

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Course outline

This training day is focused on children's development ages 2-7 years
The day will:

  • explore our understanding of self-regulation and why it is important for children's learning and well-being
  • reflect how young children show clear intentions in their thoughts and actions
  • understand how physical development is central to all aspects of self-regulation
  • consider environments, experiences and practical activities to promote self-regulated behaviour
  • highlight the adult's role as a catalyst to support and strengthen  this aspect of learning.

The day  is planned to actively involve participants in shared activities and discussion, to reflect on the topic, affirm practice and enjoy learning more about the topic
Case studies and DVD extracts will be used to illustrate aspects of self-regulated behaviour.

Marion Dowling
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