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Julie Revels

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Julie has a strong professional commitment to the early years sector and have an extensive track record of supporting, providing advice, devising and providing training and professional development covering a wide range of aspects in relation to early years. Her areas of interest include working with children with special educational needs and disabled children and in very early childhood development and the under 3’s.

Julie has 28 years experience working within the early years sector in a range of roles as an early years teacher, an early years team leader, a manager of a pre school home visiting service, an advisory teacher and Head of service for early years and child care. These roles have provided her with a vast amount of experience and an ever-growing passion for promoting and supporting the role of all of those working with parents and children in the earliest months and years. Julie has managed a range of projects. These have included setting up an Early Excellence centre, establishing Nurture Groups, leading projects within a Sure Start Local programme, piloting a multi agency advice, support and drop in, focusing on social, emotional and behaviour difficulties of young children in PVI settings.

Over the past five years she has taken a leading role and an active part in a range of inter professional groups and projects aiming to promote the social and educational implications of our increasing knowledge of the plasticity of the baby’s brain and their experiences in the first 3 years. 

Julie has also initiated and facilitated a range of professional networks which bring together those who wish to continually develop and evolve a better understanding of all children and particularly children under 3 and their parents and carers.

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