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Helen Moylett

Areas of expertise:
  • The characteristics of effective early learning
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal
  • Social and Emotional development
  • Leadership and management

Helen Moylett is an independent early years consultant and writer. She has been  a junior, infant, nursery and home school liaison teacher, a local authority advisory teacher and a university lecturer in primary and early years education. In 2000 she left academia to become head of an early years...

Latest news

Can early education make a difference to children's life chances?

The publication this week of a research report by Jo Blanden and colleagues has led to headlines such as "Benefits of nursery education not lasting" (BBC) and "X factor over evidence: the failure of early years education" (Telegraph).  This comes only weeks after the publication of the final phase of the EPPSE study was reported as showing that high quality early education had an impact on children right up to GCSE level.  So why the apparently contradictory findings? Professor Kathy Sylva explains:

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DfE guidance on Ebola

DfE have issued advice to schools and early years settings on Ebola

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New Schools Direct route in Nursery Schools

Goldsmiths offers new schools-based route into Early Years teaching, working with group of maintained nursery schools.

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