Trainer profile

Julie Fisher

Areas of expertise:
  • Transitions
  • Leadership and management
  • Relationships and interactions
  • Pedagogical principles into practice
  • Adult-led & child-led learning

Julie Fisher is an Independent Early Years Adviser and Visiting Professor of Early Childhood Education at Oxford Brookes University.  She held the post of Early Years Adviser in Oxfordshire for 11 years during which time she was chair of the Early Years Curriculum Group and the National Association...

Latest news

DfE guidance on Ebola

DfE have issued advice to schools and early years settings on Ebola

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New Schools Direct route in Nursery Schools

Goldsmiths offers new schools-based route into Early Years teaching, working with group of maintained nursery schools.

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EYFS Profile results show value of Profile over Baseline

The value of the profile data demonstrates why its replacement by baseline assessment is a backward step.

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